Best Tire Shine 2021

Best tire shine


Who says a car’s interiors and body are the only ones that need some cleaning? The car tires also need a little pampering. With the best tire shine products, the tires will surely become clean, shiny and jet-black beautiful.

An ideal tire shine should be easy to apply and should detail the tires completely. It should leave the tire fresh, clean and shiny, and appropriate for the materials used for the rim and the tire itself.

What Tire Shine do I Choose?

With so many different brands in the market, choosing one proves to be difficult. There are many things to consider and many products to choose from.

First, you must consider the kind of finish you want. Do you want it glossy? Or do you want the tires to have satin silky finish? Do you want it to last long? Are you comfortable working with toxic chemicals?

Also, a good product should not only offer a great shine but also protect the tires. It should also be able to withstand harsh conditions. A good tire shine should also prevent premature drying, cracking and fading.

We should also consider how easy it is to apply the product. Choose one that sounds easy to use. Easy application reduces the likelihood of drips and mess. Keep in mind that some aerosol is flammable so it’s crucial that you reduce drips.

Versatility also should be considered. Besides giving shine, some products also clean tires. Some products can also be used on different materials such as leather, plastic and vinyl.

It is also best to buy a small quantity first when trying a product for the first time. Doing so is both economical and practical. It saves you money. It will also give you an insight to your personal preference.

1. Chemical Guys Tire Kicker Tire Shine

This smooth, sprayable recipe from Chemical Guys mixes premium water-based dressing with additional sparkle enhancers and UV blockers for an adaptable tire sparkle that can likewise be utilized on finished plastic, elastic, and vinyl parts. This cleaner will make your vinyl, rubber, or plastic pieces look brand new. This tire shine is safe to use on interior, exterior, and even engine bay surfaces. A handy little feature, is that this won’t be removed when touched by your sneakers.

Because of this cleaners fair-pricing, features, and usability, we have given it the number one spot on our list of the best tire shine. Click HERE or on the image below to find out more.

2. Black Magic BM23 Tire Wet

This Black Magic tire shine comes in a thick, specially formulated foam for one-step cleaning, shining and protecting. It contains silicone oils for protecting and enriching tires.Spraying this tire shine makes the tires look shiny, young, and healthy. This solution uses a special formula of heavy molecules to create a longer shine. Plus, this shine dries quickly, so it doesn’t get on other surfaces of the car.

lasting up to four weeks, being well-priced, and being overall handy, we have included this product on our list of the best tire shiners. Click HERE or on the image below to find out more.

3. TriNova Tire Shine Spray

This tire shine spray formulated by TriNova gives a slick finish to tires. It comes with advanced formulation for better coating and protection. It keeps dirt and outside elements from ruining the tires. Applying this formula will give your tires the young, sturdy shine you are looking for. This spray puts a layer of protectant over the tire, protecting it from aging. And because of the protective layer, the tire will be safe from dirt and other nasty materials.

Because of this solutions price, accessibility, and usability, we have included it on our list of the best tire shiners. Click HERE or on the image below to find out more.


4. Black Magic 800002220 Tire Wet Foam

This Black Magic tire shine comes in a thick, specially formulated foam for one-step cleaning, shining and protecting. It contains silicone oils for protecting and enriching tires. The silicone oils will create a protective layer around the tire, safeguarding its young, shiny look. This formula breaks down grime, oil, and other liquids that have built up on the tire. Plus, this tire shine does not leave any noticeable mark on the tire, just a dark, glossy finish.

Because of this solutions price, ability to break down grime, and shine, we have included it on our list of the best tire shiners. Click HERE or on the image below to find out more.

5. Meguiar's G13815 High Gloss Tire Coating

Applying this tire coating developed by Meguiar delivers long-lasting shine without mess, drips and overspray. It is an advanced formulation that combines premium silicones, anti-oxidants, resistant polymers and enhanced resin technology. This tire shine creates a a durable, protective layer without any globs or bubbles forming on the tire. The layer protects the tire from cracking, aging, and hazardous materials. Plus, the solution protects against darkening and fading.

For this solutions price, protective layering, and shine, we have included it on our list of the best tire shiners. Click HERE or on the image below to find out more.

6. Griot's Garage 10938 Tire & Trim Coating

This tire shine formulated by Griot’s Garage applies smoothly with minimal sling. It has excellent water-resistant formula for extended durability against multiple car washes and exposure to rain. This tire shine spray will keep the tire dark and shiny. Click HERE or on the image below to find out more.

7. Meguiar's G12024 Tire Spray

Meguiar specially formulated this tire spray with a patented anti-ozonant technology for making tires look blacker, longer. It helps prevent premature aging, browning and cracking of rubber tires. This tire shine spray will keep your tires healthier for longer than you can imagine. Click HERE or on the link below to find out more.

8. Armor All 77958 Tire Shine Aerosol

Armor All developed this tire shine aerosol using the most advanced formula. This rich gel applies smoothly and evenly without messy overspray for wet tire shine. This tire shine spray will always protect your tires. Click HERE or on the image below to find out more.

9. Stoner Car Care More Shine Tire Dressing

This is a tire-dressing product made by Stoner Car Care that does not drip, streak or foam. It’s a simple spray-and-go, without requiring any rubbing or wiping. This tire shine spray will form a protective layer around the rubber. Click HERE or on the image below to find out more.

Types of Tire Shine 

Tires, like any other car parts, deserve our attention. No matter how often we clean our tires, they somehow always lack luster. That’s why the final step is to apply tire shine.

There are basically only two types tire shine, water based and solvent based. The main difference between these two is the carrier system used. Both types of tire shine come in gel, aerosol spray, foams and hand pumped spray.

Water based tire shine is a combination of naturally occurring oils and natural polymers. It is environment friendly, biodegradable and non-toxic. It won’t harm the car’s paint job.

Water based tire shine gives off a non-greasy and satin like finish. It is non-stick and is easy clean off. It can also be diluted in water.

Solvent based tire shine lasts longer and offers more shine than water based one. It gives off a high gloss or a very wet finish.

Solvent based tire shine has greater resistance to water. Some may contain chemicals that can be harmful to car’s paint job. It is sticky and can be difficult to work with.

Guidelines to use a Tire Shine

No matter which product you use, you have to keep one thing in mind –always read the instructions. Understanding the instructions and following them closely not only will save you time but will also give you better results.

Water based products can be diluted in water. Diluting products make it less harsh and more economic. Follow manufacturers’ guidelines on the proper dilution of products. Improper dilution will render the product ineffective.

A clean tire will be more receptive and easy to work with. Use only the substances developed specifically to be tire cleaners and repeat the process if necessary. After cleaning, dry the tire. Microfiber chamois are safer and more efficient in drying the tires.

Spray on is commonly used because of its applicability. For an even distribution, do not spray too close to the tires. Some spray on requires that you leave it on for some time to set. Spray again for added shine.

Gel types are longer lasting than most. They take longer time to apply because you need an applicator. Do not drive immediately after applying as the substance attracts dust and grime.

Foam types also have nozzles, making them easy to apply. Some Foam types even clean the tires. Just wipe it off your tires and you’re good to go.

Tips for a better Shine 

Proper application ensures the best shine. Whichever product you choose, you should always use the proper applicator. Use a separate applicator for the wheels and the tires. Remember that hard applicators are for rubber and soft ones are for wheels.

Most products have their own applicators. In case you want to replace them, you could use a grout sponge. Wet the sponge, and then wring out moisture tightly. Apply the product on the flat side of the sponge.

Make microfibers your cars best friend. Use it anyway from cleaning to drying your cars. Microfiber also removes dirt and allows for even application if used as an applicator.

Opt for tire wax and rejuvenators if you want to restore your tires. An efficient tire wax can remove tire browning. For a better result, use a degreaser first to remove buildup.

Tire browning is a result of anti ozonant. This is a chemical in the tire that helps prevent degradation. While it can not be totally prevented, it can be monitored.

Some tire shines can only be used on the tire. When applying tire shine, avoid the wheels as much as possible as it can damage them.