Best HID Kit 2021

Best HID kit


Isn’t it extremely irritating when an approaching car has intensely bright headlights that you get momentarily blinded? Be a responsible driver and don’t give others the same grief by choosing the best HID kit for your car.

High Intensity Discharge lighting contains a gas capsule instead of filaments at the center of the bulb.  Although it requires 15-30 seconds before it can be turned back on, the waiting time is worth it because it emits an almost natural light. This is also more affordable than LED.

How to Choose the Best HID Kit

There are several factors you need to consider when choosing the best HID kit for your vehicle. You need to consider the bulb type, color, and its compatibility with your vehicle.

First consider the bulb type. Different cars have different types of headlights. Popular bulbs include H1, H4, and H7 among others. Find out the bulbs that are outfitted on your car and find the matching HID kit for those bulbs.

You should also choose the type of color of light you want to have on your car’s beams. Your options include factory white, golden yellow, icy blue, intense white, and deep blue light.

Finally, you should consider which HID kit is most compatible with your car. Most of the old cars are a good fit with the best HID kit sets out there due to their rather basic lighting systems.

Newer cars, specifically those manufactured from 2003 onwards, have more complex lightings systems. That means the basic HID kits which are easier to install won’t be a good match for them.

You need to get advanced HID conversion kits for vehicles with high end electronics systems. If your car is equipped with anti-braking systems, traction control, and other advanced features, then you need to hire a technician to install the HID system for you.

1. Philips Xenon Standard

Philips is the most notable brand with regards to HID headlights. Truth be told, Philips is the stock of Xenon HID innovation and different automakers utilize the organization’s HIDs as standard hardware on their vehicle. Xenon lights produce more lights and consume less power at the same time. With double the light, you can see obstacles much farther ahead. With just about an hour of work, you can install these lights yourself. They are so easy to install, that you can just look up a quick few YouTube videos to help you out. Doing this will save you hundreds of dollars, and hours of your time.

This lightbulb kit is well reviewed, and even patented as a confirmed vendor. The Philips Xenon Standard kits key features of being cheaper, longer lasting, and brighter than other products, is why we have placed this at the top of our HID kit list. Click HERE or on the image below to find out more.

2. Sylvania HID Headlight Bulb

Planned, designed, and made to correct particulars, Sylvania’s HID substitution bulbs guarantee to convey amazingly long life and unrivaled perceivability. They’re accessible in an assortment of utilizations, however the setup isn’t pretty much as extensive as Philips. This HID bulb is longer lasting than its competitors, reducing the need to replace it. In addition to having a longer lifespan, it uses 1/3 less power than its halogen brother. Because the Sylvania bulb is xenon powered, it has triple the light output compared to most Halogen bulbs.

Xenon which powers the bulb, gives off a light blue tint which reflects off of paint and other signs on the road. The Sylvania HID kit is legitimate for on street use, with OEM exactness and quality for reliable execution. Click HERE or on the image below to find out more.

3. HID-Warehouse HID Xenon Replacement Bulbs

Likely the most reasonable HID substitution bulbs out available, HID Warehouse works in HID bulbs and change packs for a wide scope of makes and models of vehicles. In addition to being able to be installed on a wide variety of vehicles, this set of bulbs doesn’t require any modifications to the vehicle, just install then and they are ready to go. These xenon bulbs produce 3x more light than the average halogen bulb. Halogen bulbs are known for being dimmer and having a shorter lifespan than xenon bulbs.  Click

The HID-Warehouse kit is safer and easier to use than other brands. The xenon kits key features of being safer, longer lasting, and brighter than any other brand is why we have placed it on our list. HERE or on the image below to find out more.

4. Xentec H11 (H8/H9) GREEN HID Kit

One thing you’ll cherish about this HID pack is that it is not difficult to introduce. It utilizes a 35-watt standard size advanced stabilizer and accompanies two bulbs and a vehicle saddle. The unit delivers incredible, splendid light that doesn’t flash as the light bar is guided directly to the street. This HID kit is perfect for someone who wants a colorful car. This kit has a variety of colors to choose from, ranging from blue all the way to red. 

Being such a high-tech HID kit, the bulb has the capability to produce a precise beam, making it easier to see obstacles on the road. Xenon is 3x brighter than its competitor, the dull, flimsy halogen bulbs. The digital ballast allows for the bulb to output a consistent stream of light. The Xentec HID kits key features of being brighter, longer lasting, and cheaper than the competitors, is why we have placed it on our list. Click HERE or on the image below to find out more.

5. Innovited Premium AC Canbus HID Kit

This is one brand that is very celebrated and solid in the creation of concealed units and one explanation that additionally adds to its procuring of the main spot is the way that this item is of top notch and furthermore can be introduced easily. This kit is very easy to use. Installation of the bulbs can take as little as 20 minutes. Not only being easy to use, these bulbs are resistant to almost anything you can think of. They are water resistant, dust resistant, and even shock resistant. Being a xenon bulb, it is far superior to its halogen competitors.

This xenon HID kit is 3x brighter than most halogen bulbs, and it last 5x longer. And if your lights break or are need replacement, this kit even comes with a 2-year warranty. Click HERE or on the image below to find out more.

How do HID Kits Work?

HID lights last longer than halogen types of lighting systems. These lights even last longer than the light bulbs that you normally use in your house.

Halogen bulbs are filled with halogen gases. On the other hand, HID headlights are outfitted with tubes that are filled with a variety of gases.

These gases in HID headlights react in order to produce an arc which then produces more light. That means these lights do not use filaments that degrade over time, which explains why these bulbs last longer.

Frequently Asked Questions about HID Conversion Kits

What light colors are available?Golden yellow (3000k) makes a rather eye catching deep yellow. The basic OEM is factory white (5000k). Other options include intense white (6000k), icy blue (8000k) for styling, and deep blue (10000k).

What light color should I choose? Yellow kits are best used as fog lights. The other color HID kits are best used for other driving purposes.

What’s in the package when I order my HID kit?You will usually get 2 bulbs. Along with that you will also get a pair of ballasts, wires, plugs, and the installation instructions.

What are the types of ballasts available? There are two types of ballasts depending on their wattage. Wattages include 35w (standard) and the 55w (30% to 40% more brightness). There are slim ballasts and standard size ballasts.

What’s the difference between a 35w and a 55w kit? A 35w kit uses 35w of power for HID lighting. Obviously, 55w kits produce more light. All bulbs are pretty much the same size but ballast sizes will be different per kit.