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My Family drove across 10 different countries (3,500 miles) this summer. I have driven across the United States four times. I love cars, I love being in cars. I want to help and support people who have the same kind of enthusiasm for driving that I do. – Geoff Hoon

Dash Cam point of view

Best Dash Cams 2021

  You don’t have to be Big Brother to be able to keep an eye on everything; you just need a few well-placed surveillance equipment. Don’t underestimate the benefits of...

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FM Transmitter

Best FM Transmitters 2021

  When you get stuck for more than an hour in traffic, listening to your favorite songs will help you relax. If most of your music is stored in your...

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Best HID Kit 2021

  Isn’t it extremely irritating when an approaching car has intensely bright headlights that you get momentarily blinded? Be a responsible driver and don’t give others the same grief by...

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Polishing Pad

Best Polishing Pads 2021

  How a vehicle looks often speaks a lot about the person who owns it. You can sometimes tell if a car is owned by a teenager or a seasoned...

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Garage Door

Best Garage Door Opener 2021

  Call it a mere first-world problem, but you have to admit: the best garage door opener can give us more than mere convenience. Security, time-efficiency, and protection from the...

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Car Alarm

Best Car Alarm 2021

  Getting your car stolen is the worst nightmare of any car owner. One of the first things to do when you buy a vehicle is to by the best...

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Black Wax

Best Wax For Black Cars 2021

  Did you know that dark-tinted cars require a type of wax that’s different from the ones normally used for lighter-colored vehicles? If the answer’s no, but you do own...

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Police Scanner

Best Police Scanner 2021

  Listening to random radio communications is a joy on the road. With police scanners, you can listen to the signals around you. Whether these signals are music, medical signals,...

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Proportional Brake Controller

Best Proportional Brake Controller 2021

Not used to automatic transmissions? You will like having the best proportional brake controller better. Older drivers are used to the sensation of pressing hard on the brake, and getting...

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Window Tint Film

Best Car Window Tint Film 2021

It is a no-brainer why many drivers prefer having the best car window tint film to having none at all. Can you imagine driving in Las Vegas in the dead...

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OBD2 Scanner

Best OBD2 Scanner 2021

Today’s latest cars are now run by computer programming and undergo diagnostics, just like a computer. If you prefer to do your own car maintenance, and your vehicle is computer...

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Fuel Injector Cleaner

Best Fuel Injector Cleaner 2021

  Ever wonder why your car makes that funny, choking sound when you start it up? Why the smoke from the exhaust is getting darker and darker? It could be...

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