Best Proportional Brake Controller

Not used to automatic transmissions? You will like having the best proportional brake controller better. Older drivers are used to the sensation of pressing hard on the brake, and getting the same amount of inertia from the trailer brakes as a result.

This is the preferred controller for family cars, because the driver gets better control over the intensity and swiftness of the brake. Choose one that perfectly matches the mechanics of your family vehicle.

Proportional Brake Controller Reviews

Hayes 81770

The endeavor digital proportional brake controller is a digital, diagnostic read- out and no level adjustment required. You can easily connect installation that saves time and has a lifetime warranty.

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Reese Brake Controller

The Voyage Proportional Brake Controller by Tekonsha is used with trailer towing for one or two axles. It also includes mounting hardware trailer brake control that is used for heavy loads and constantly changing loads.

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Tekonsha 90195

The Electronic Brake Control by Tekonsha is an easy-to-read with multiple screen color options and has displays in English, French or even Spanish. Its boost feature allows for different levels of customized braking.

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Draw-Tite 20191

The I- Stop IQ Electronic Brake Control has self- diagnostics features that will illuminate LED readout when issues occur. It also utilizes “Plug and Play” port for 2- adapters.

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Reese Towpower 8507111

The Brakeman IV Compact Brake Control is a small compact design that mounts in any direction. No levelling is required. It is for 12 volt negative ground systems only but it can operate up to an eight braking system.

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CURT 51110 Venturer Brake Control

The Venturer Brake Control by Curt Manufacturing controls any trailer with two to six electric brakes. It has a ramp time and an adjustable power and it can mount anywhere in your vehicle.

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Hopkins 47297 INSIGHT Brake Control

The Insight Brake Control is an advanced brake technology that mirrors the braking of the tow vehicle and works with trailers with electric or hydraulic brakes. You do not have to drill to separate the components.

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Primus 90160 Trailer Brake Control

The Primus Trailer Brake Control System is a proportional electric brake control with an easy to read LED. The breaking boost is fully adjustable and has three trailer axles.

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Hayes 81741B

The Energize III Brake Controller by Hayes is a full 12 volt manual output with quick connect feature. It uses sensors that automatically measure and monitor tow vehicle’s deceleration to provide smooth and proportional trailer braking.

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DirecLink Brake Controller

The DirecLink Brake Controller is a professional grade, advanced diagnostics controller with self levelling and is easy to install. It comes with ODBII cable and is electric over hydraulic compatible.

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Types of Brake Controllers

Proportional Brake Controller:  This type of brake controller has a sensor that detects the amount of brake being applied and is manifesting on the vehicle.

The proportional brake controller applies the same amount of brake it senses from the vehicle itself into its trailer, making them slow down simultaneously at the same speed.

This type of brake controller is able to ramp up the full power of the trailer’s braking system, especially when an emergency stop is detected.

Time-Delayed Brake Controllers: The power of this type of brake controller is predetermined. It can only provide the same amount of force each time it brakes.

It will only activate when it senses that the vehicle is stopping. It sends a signal to apply the appropriate amount of braking force (there are presets for different amounts).

Time-delayed brake controllers are easier to install. However, the braking systems of the vehicle (as well as the trailer) will not benefit from it due to increased wear and tear.

How to Choose a Proportional Brake Controller

It is important for a proportional brake controller to have an audio signal alert which can notify you in case there is a connection issue.

The best proportional brake controller should also work well with more electric brakes, as well as electric hydraulic brakes, since most of them are not designed for hydraulic or pneumatic systems.

It is also ideal to choose one that can automatically adapt to the terrain. This eliminates much hassle while driving and makes for a smoother experience on the road.

Be certain that the product you choose constantly does diagnostic checks. This does not only ensure that it will adapt to the terrain, but also when you are driving in reverse.

The braking level boost is an important feature. This can give the device enough time to detect the extent of deceleration, preventing potential accidents in the process.

It would be better if this feature is also adjustable to ensure that the braking force that will be applied on the trailer would be sufficient based on the load it has.

How to Use Proportional Brake Controllers

Proportional brake controllers must be installed according to the specifications indicated by the manufacturer so the sensors that detect deceleration can work properly and will remain accurate.

During installation, this device must be leveled manually by hand. It must not lean to one side and should be mounted toward the direction of travel to avoid malfunction.

The load of trailers varies and determines how the device must be calibrated in case you have not picked one that can do calibration on its own.

In case you have installed a proportional brake controller that does not have an automatic leveling system, you will have to set it manually each time the slope of the road changes.

Never use a device that has a recommended weight range that’s less than the actual combined weight of your vehicle, the trailer, as well as its load.

It is strongly advised for users to test each circuit to verify all of the connections. This is because the wiring configurations of the vehicles vary and could change regularly.

Advantages of Having the Best Proportional Brake Controller

The best proportional brake controller will reduce the amount of wear and tear on the vehicle’s braking system since it applies the same braking force on the trailer.

The use of a proportional brake controller will allow boththe vehicle and the trailer’s braking systems to do the same amount of work, so it will provide the smoothest braking.

Proportional brake controllers are best when it comes to responsiveness and safety, despite the fact that they tend to be more expensive compared to the other type of brake controllers.

Proportional controllers are able to perform better in many conditions. They are the best options especially for heavy trailers since they provide better control on their braking systems.

In cases of emergency, having a proportional brake controller can save your load and even lives. It has a manual override that can enable it to apply the full braking power of the trailer.

The monitors of the proportional brake controllers will also immediately notify you in case there is a problem in the electrical connections of your trailer.

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