Best Dashboard Cleaner

When the car’s dashboard gets dirty, the driver and the car both get compromised. It also needs some cleaning up; otherwise, the driver won’t see the road ahead properly. The best dashboard cleaner is the solution to pesky dashboard dirt.

Dashboards need no-fuss cleaning. That’s why an ideal dashboard cleaner should be easy to apply and wash off. It must leave the dashboard clear of all accumulated dirt and dust. It shouldn’t leave films of grease as well.

Dashboard Cleaner Reviews

Meguiar’s G4016 Supreme Shine Protectant (16 oz.)

The G4016 Supreme Shine Protectant (16 oz.) by Meguiar’s preserves rubber, vinyl, and plastic surfaces. The UV blockers protect your dashboard against aging, cracking, and fading. It also has a Scotchgard Protector.

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Meguiar’s M40 Mirror Glaze Vinyl & Rubber Cleaner & Conditioner (16 oz.)

The M40 Mirror Glaze Vinyl & Rubber Cleaner & Conditioner (16 oz.) by Meguiar’s restores color and life to your dashboard while protecting it. It’s easy to use. It leaves plastics, rubber, and vinyl with a natural, clean sheen.

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303 (30306) Marine UV Protectant Trigger Sprayer (32 fl. Oz)

The (30306) Marine UV Protectant Trigger Sprayer (32 fl. Oz) by 303 Products can be used on Plexiglas, vinyl, rubber, carbon fiber, and plastics. It restores your dashboard’s luster. Just spray on the surface and wipe it dry.

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Chemical Guys TVD_102_16 New Car Shine Premium Dressing (16 oz)

The TVD_102_16 New Car Shine Premium Dressing (16 oz) by Chemical Guys can be used on dashboards, door panels, vinyl tops, and door moldings. It protects, beautifies, and cleans in one go. It protects surface against sun damage.

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Interior Defense Car Upholstery Cleaner by Kevian Clean

The Interior Defense Car Upholstery Cleaner by Kevian Clean protects your dashboard against UV rays, cracking, drying, and aging. It can also be used on leather, plastic, and interior vinyl. There are no chemical irritants or toxic fumes.

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Mothers 05324 Protectant (24 oz.)

The 05324 Protectant (24 oz.) by Mothers resists smog and ozone on any uncoated rubber or plastic. It protects and preserves your dashboard for up to one month. Regular use can promote durability and long-lasting shine.

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TriNova UV Protectant Spray

The UV Protectant Spray by TriNova keeps your car’s dashboard and other surfaces (carbon fiber, rubber, or fiberglass) in mint condition. It also prevents cracking and fading. It also leaves a finish without residue.

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Optimum (PC2008P) Power Clean (17 oz.)

The Optimum (PC2008P) Power Clean (17 oz.) by OPT has enhanced emulsifiers and polymers to dissolve and degrease deposits without chemicals. It cleans dashboards, carpet, and upholstery. It’s safe for use in trucks, cars, RVs, motorcycles, and boats.

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Sonax (283241) Dashboard Cleaner (16.9 oz.)

The (283241) Dashboard Cleaner (16.9 oz.) by Sonax is a solvent- and silicone-free interior cleaner meant for plastic parts. It maintains and renews your dashboard’s structured and matte surface. It leaves behind a fresh and pleasant scent.

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Eco Touch (DBC24) Dashboard Protect (24 oz.)

The (DBC24) Dashboard Protect (24 oz.) by Eco Touch cleans safely dashboards, trim pieces, leather, and vinyl. It restores your dashboard’s natural shine. It’s non-toxic and free of synthetic dyes or fragrances.

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Factors to Consider When Buying a Dashboard Cleaner

While some dashboard cleaners are safe and effective, others can cause more harm than good. Consider the following factors when buying a cleaning product to ensure good results.

Cleaning Ability: Choose the cleaner that is most effective in providing the results you want — whether it’s a streak-free clean, extra protection from debris, or simply a sparkly clean dashboard.

Ingredients: Make sure the cleaning product does not contain any harsh chemicals like gasoline and ammonia, as these can be damaging to both the dashboard and your health.

Ease of Use: Some cleaners involve multiple buffing steps, which can be effortful and time-consuming. Choose an effective cleaner that requires only one wiping for each surface area.

Cost: Cheap products often contain cheap ingredients that are harmful and ineffective. Invest in a good quality cleaner to avoid potentially scratching your car’s dashboard.

Brand Reputation: Refrain from buying cheap cleaners from unknown brands that aren’t tried and tested. It is best to stick to reputable brands that offer optimal cleaning effect.

Importance of Keeping Your Car Dashboard Clean

Keeping each part of your car interior clean not only enhances its appearance but also improves its marketability. Driving in a clean car also aids in comfort.

We look at the console and dashboard more often than other areas of our cars’ interior. The information it displays is important for safe and hassle-free driving.

As such, it is essential that we give the dashboard special attention. Neglecting its condition can result in the build-up of dust and allergens which can also lead to respiratory problems.

The vents, nooks and crannies can be a breeding ground for dirt and debris. Since you cannot easily reach into them by regular wiping, the build-up can develop quickly.

The deck under your car’s window gets damaged due to excessive sun exposure. In order to keep the dash, deck, and console from fading and cracking, regular treatment is required.

You may not notice the accumulation of dirt on the dashboard because you’re already used to it. But if you run a finger across it, you’ll surely want to clean it right away.

How to Clean Your Car Dashboard

Cleaning the car dashboard can be easily accomplished with the following materials: a soft brush, microfiber cloths, interior dressing, and a good quality dashboard cleaner.

Wet the microfiber cloth with regular water and wipe down the surface in order to prevent loose dirt and dust from flying around while you clean.

Apply the dashboard cleaner to another microfiber cloth and clean the vinyl, wood, plastic, and other surface areas. The cleaner should be able to get rid of grime build-up even from the crevices.

Use the soft dash brush to remove dust from harder-to-reach areas, such as the vents, knobs, and buttons. Be sure to clean the clear housings carefully as these areas can scratch easily.

Add protectant and shine to the dash as desired, but avoid shining the glass too much because the reflection on it can distract you while driving.

If there are spots where drink or food spilled, apply the dashboard cleaner onto the surface using the soft brush. Do not use a brush with hard bristles to avoid abrasion.

Tips for Keeping the Dashboard Clean

Store the cleaning supplies in your car’s trunk so you can have a clean dash any time. You can also carry a pack of cleaning wipes and shine for easier cleaning.

When driving, roll down your windows occasionally and let the air flow through your car. This makes cleaning slightly easier for you since the air would blow some of the dust away.

If you’re using a cleaning spray, spray it onto a cloth and not directly on the dashboard. This will prevent the solution from potentially staining the glass.

Use a foam swab or cotton swab to clean the vents. A good vinyl cleaner can also aid in bringing the vents and grilles to a shine.

To minimize the negative effects of UV rays, apply a protectant onto the vinyl parts of the dashboard. Protectants not only protect but also produce an appealing satin finish.

If you plan to do a complete interior detailing, add vacuuming to the process to remove loose dirt, dust, and debris from the seats, carpet, and other areas inside your car.

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