Best Seat Covers for Dogs (for Cars)

Pet owners often bring their beloved dogs on quick trips or long rides; hence, dogs have to be in the car along with their human companions. The best seat covers for dogs (for cars) will be their best friends during road trips.

Ideal dog seat covers for cars must have adjustable straps to secure the dogs in place without restricting them. The covers should be made of soft yet easily cleanable materials to keep them comfy and safe during the ride.

Seat Covers for Dogs (for Cars) Reviews

WE LOVE ANIMALS Dog Seat Cover for Cars, SUVs, and Trucks

The Dog Seat Cover for Cars, SUVs, and Trucks by WE LOVE ANIMALS is quilted. Its upper waterproof material also doesn’t smell. It protects your car seat from dog hair, dust, mud, sand, and liquids.

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Plush Paws Pet Seat Cover Waterproof

The Pet Seat Cover Waterproof by Plush Paws protects your car’s upholstery from fur, spills, paws, and claws. It’s climate-tolerant and doesn’t disintegrate like rubber. It’s also easy to install, take out, and clean.

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Barney’s Dog World Dog Hammock Pet Car Seat Cover

The Dog Hammock Pet Car Seat Cover by Barney’s Dog World is made of heavy quilted, padded oxford polyester. Its seat anchors and adjustable straps keep your pet safe. The luxurious black finish can match truck, SUV, and car interiors.

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TaoTronics Dog Seat Cover for Cars

The Dog Seat Cover for Cars by TaoTronics is four-fold and is reinforced scratch-proof and waterproof. It protects your upholstery from drink, water, milk moisture, and spills. It also resists against your dog’s paws/nails.

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Perfect Pet® Seat Cover

The Seat Cover by Perfect Pet® is quilted, heavy-duty, and made of cotton, oxford fabric, and polyester. The waterproof material also protects against spills, urine, or slobber. The seat cover can be used on trucks, cars, vans, and SUVs.

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Acrabros Deluxe Dog Seat Covers For Cars

The Deluxe Dog Seat Covers for Cars by Acrabros is made of oxford fabric and waterproof, eco-friendly PU coating. The cover can protect your car seats against paws, claws, hair, and spills. It’s also a barrier and helps your dog feel safe.

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SilverFido Dog Seat Cover (55 inch by 57 inch)

The Dog Seat Cover (55 inch by 57 inch) by SilverFido keeps your pets from sliding unnecessarily with its reinforced footpad stability. Its gray color helps to reduce the seat’s temperature. It helps protects against drool, urine, and spills.

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Pet Craft Premium Dog Seat Covers for Cars

The Premium Dog Seat Covers for Cars by Pet Craft has a 600D material that is highly resistant to abrasion. Its bottom also secures the seat, with no bunching or sliding. Its pocket can store toys or a leash.

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Solvit Products 62283 Deluxe Bench Seat Cover Natural (Large)

The 62283 Deluxe Bench Seat Cover Natural (Large) by Solvit Products combines protection and luxury with a quilted and padded construction. It protects the backseat against spills, dander, and dirt. It’s ideal for all vehicle types.

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Kurgo Waterproof Car Bench Seat Cover for Dogs

The Waterproof Car Bench Seat Cover for Dogs by Kurgo has loop openings and hooks that allow seatbelt use and pet restraints. Its rear-seat and under-seat attachment ensures security. Its 55-inch width fits most vehicle types.

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Types of Car Seat Covers for Dogs

Depending on the size of your dog and the type of car you’re driving, you may choose from the following dog car seat cover options.

Bucket Seat Covers – These covers are for dogs who usually sit in the front passenger bucket seat. There are also models for cars with a rear bucket seat.

Bench Seat Covers – These back-seat covers are designed, so that they stay in place no matter how much your dog moves around. They are often waterproof.

Cargo Seat Covers – These are ideal for taking your dog in an SUV or minivan. It stays firmly in place and protects your interior from getting mud, snow, slush and other soils.

Hammock Covers – Hammock-style covers are considerably safe as they prevent your pets from jumping to the front seat. They are comfortable, allowing your pet to relax while traveling.

Car Door Guards – Dogs like putting their paws up, which causes them to leave scratches on the door. Car door guards offer extra protection for your car doors and windows to prevent such incidents.

How to Choose a Dog Seat Cover

Car seat covers for dogs are made from various materials — from soft, microfiber fabrics to craggy, durable canvases. Choose a material, which is easy to clean, stain-resistant, and provides a good grip.

Consider the size of your vehicle. A small cover will not protect the entire seat, while you can easily shove aside a cover that’s too big, causing your dog to trip while he moves around.

Make sure the cover fits the entire backseat of your vehicle. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to attach the cover securely to ensure the safety of your pet.

You can find custom dog seat covers made to suit the specifications and unique needs of the pet owners. If the standard made covers do not work well, you may try this option.

Some attachments that come with the cover may not suit the layout of your car. If the model you chose does not hook snugly on the headrests, your pet can shove the cover aside or tunnel under it.

Also, consider whether your furry friend will be sitting in the back or front seat, or in a cage in the car boot. If he sits in the front seat, then an airbag should also be accommodated.

Advantages of Using a Dog Car Seat Cover

During a road adventure, both your car and your dogs need high level of protection. You pets can make your car seats a mess even though they don’t intend to.

Keeping your dogs in carriers make them uncomfortable, while buying separate car seats can be highly expensive. So, opting for dog seat covers is ideal for car owners who are also pet lovers.

Dog car seat covers protect your car’s interior from a number of dog-related issues. These include saliva, muddy paws, dog hair, scratching, marking, and chewing.

These products are your best allies in combatting the circumstances in which you have to wash your car seats and tear them in case of damage.

Seat covers also lengthen the durability of your car seats, and the showroom quality of your car’s interior. This saves you from the toil of cleaning muddy interiors or spending too much on detailing.

Protecting your car seats with dog seat covers allows you and your pet to enjoy every second of your long road trips or typical car errands.

Tips in Buying a Dog Seat Cover

When buying a dog seat cover, consider both comfort and protection. You will want to protect your car interior without compromising the safety and comfort of your pet.

Consider the length and types of road trips you typically take with your pet. Also consider whether or not your kids are often with you.

The most common colors for dog seat covers are neutral. If you want something more interesting, there are patterns you can choose from, like paw print designs.

In terms of fabric, poly-cotton is a popular option. It comes with a protective feature and is as soft as natural cotton. It also provides UV protection for your seats.

Other materials feature a water-repellant coating to protect from spilled drinks and pet accidents. Vinyl-coated polyester is a good example of a waterproof seat cover.

In any case, get a cover made of easy-to-clean material. You can wash most seat covers by simply hosing them down or tossing them into a washer.

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