Best Cold Air Intake (System For Cars)

Had it ever happened that the car you were driving suddenly sputtered and broke down in the middle of a busy road, and then proceeded to emit thick smoke? It’s incredibly embarrassing! You can save yourself this ordeal though by installing the best cold air intake (system for cars) ASAP.

This modification improves acceleration and fuel burning efficiency. It reduces the risk of overheating because it utilizes cold air. This system has fewer bends, which means the sound produced by the running engine is less muffled and is rather “macho” sounding.

Cold Air Intake (System For Cars) Reviews

aFe Power Magnum FORCE 54-12192

The Power Magnum Air Intake System has a black equal length dual tube design with H pipe balance e-tube that increases intake air flow. It is also allowed for quicker turbo spooling.

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K&N Performance Cold Air Intake Kit 63-9036

The K&N Performance Cold Air Intake is designed to improve engine sound and throttle response. It usually takes 90 minutes or less to install the air intake.

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AEM 21-699C Cold Air Intake System

The AEM Cold Air Intake System has an estimated power gain of 14.4 horsepower at 5400 RPM. It guarantees the life of your car or truck and relocates air filter outside the engine compartment.

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aFe TR-1001P Takeda Cold Air Intake System

The Takeda Cold Air Intake System is compatible with the original manufacturer computer system that will not cause check engine light. You can quickly install it in 30 minutes and it doesn’t require drilling or cutting.

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The Cold Air Intake System by DNAMotoring is made of quality T- 6061 aluminum material for durability and strength. It helps draw colder air that results in better throttle response.

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K&N 57-6015 FIPK Performance Air Intake System

The K&N Performance Air Intake System has an estimated horsepower gain of 7.39 HP 5001 RPM. It replaces the entire factory air intake system and lasts up to 100,000 miles before service is required.

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AUDEW Universal Performance Induction Cold Air Intake

The AUDEW Universal Performance Cold Air Intake is also applicable to air intake systems on modified vehicles. Its injection pipe in aluminium finish is durable and washable.

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Spec-D Tuning AFC-ACD94BL-AY

The Spec- D Tuning Cold Air Intake is made from materials that meet or exceed the strict OEM requirements. It improves the gas mileage, increases horsepower and torque.

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S&B Filters 75-5044

The S&B Cold Air Intake comes with a high performance cleanable 8- ply filter with 1’’ pleats for great mileage and power. It is easy to install with OE fit and aftermarket performance.

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Volant 151536 PowerCore Cool Air Intake

The Volant PowerCore Cool Air Intake meets OEM filter standard and has improved efficiency. It also has maintenance free PowerCore filter and has cool air intake kit.

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Types of Cold Air Intake Systems

Universal Cold Air Intake System:  These kits can provide unique benefits to your engine. They are usually compatible with carbureted applications, which can provide better performance.

The universal cold air intake system can also allow the intake tubes to be custom configured. Doing this can help enhance the engine’s overall performance.

In most cases, this type of kit will need more effort, time, and resources to be installed properly. However, this simply depends on the type of customization you would go for.

Direct Fit Cold Air Intake System:  This is the type of cold air intake system you are looking for if you want a custom-fit kit for your car.

These types of kits will ensure that the appearance of the air intake system looks good when combined with the engine. Its installation is relatively easier as well.

The manufacturers also pre-tune the customized cold air intake system specifically for your car. Since they are customized, they will also require fewer components during installation.

How to Select a Cold Air Intake System

First, consider whether you prioritize style or substance. Do note though, that the cold air intake system has a significant effect on your car’s engine.

Be certain that the cold air intake system you choose matches your car. Check if the system can be installed well to your engine and if it functions properly in your car.

If you would like to learn more about the quality of a particular cold air intake system it’s important to check all the recommendations it has garnered throughout the years, especially from the pros.

The guarantees and warranties of the air intakes differ. A higher level of insurance and warranty simply shows the confidence of the manufacturer in their product.

Having an air intake for your car can cause it to produce more noise when running. The available space on the hood is also a vital consideration to take.

For better performance, choose a cold air intake system that has deeper pleats and larger surface areas. This can provide maximum airflow towards your engine.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cold Air Intake Systems

Which one is better, metal or plastic intake tube?Both of them do not offer an advantage in terms of performance. The metal pipes can turn hotter though.

If you are looking for the best style for the engine compartment, the metal tube is the ideal choice. Plastic tubes offer a subdued style and are usually a more affordable option.

What does a resonator do?  A resonator muffles the noise that air intake systems can produce. This can drop the horsepower of your engine a bit.

Can an air intake system really increase the horsepower of an engine?  Air intake systems can make the performance of a car better in various ways, such as by improving combustion and the air-fuel mixture.

Are air filters with higher filtration percentage better?Not necessarily. Factors such as service life, restriction, and capacity determine whether a higher filtration percentage will bring noticeable advantages.

Can a cold air intake system increase the amount of air the engine takes in?  This is not physically possible. The amount of air an engine can draw in is based on the number of cylinders it has, as well as on its bore and stroke.

How to Maintain Your Cold Air Intake System

Avoid terrains that have higher water levels than normal. The water can enter the air intake pipes which can cause severe damage on your car’s engine.

You can install or choose a kit that has a water bypass feature to prevent these kinds of problems, especially if flooding is a common problem in your area.

You have the choice of either going for a kit that has an air box or an open-element intake. Lesser maintenance is needed for the system with an air box compared to the open-element one.

In case you want to prevent debris and dirt from getting into your air intake system, it would be wise to have an air box. However, an open-element intake can maximize the airflow and provide better performance.

The filter must be cleaned regularly. In various cases, it will need to be oiled. Depending on the number of miles it has been used, the filter might need to be replaced as well.

Be certain that no parts of your cold air intake system would rub against your engine, especially if its tubing passes a stock steel hole.This can damage your air intake system since steel is significantly harder.

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