Best Car Ionizer

People love riding in cars that aren’t only beautiful on the outside, but smell fresh and clean on the inside, too. That’s why the best car ionizer is needed. This can keep fresh air circulating within the car.

A good car ionizer purifies the circulating air within the car to keep it clean and fresh. It can eliminate unwanted odors and improve air quality and concentration inside the vehicle.

Car Ionizer Reviews

HaoDing Car Air Purifier and Ionizer

The Car Air Purifier and Ionizer by HaoDing releases 4.8m negative ions/cm to remove unpleasant odors, smoke, dust, air pollution, and pollen. It prevents proliferation of airborne bacteria. Its design with blue LED light enhances your car’s interiors.

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Security Red CAR AIR Purifier + ECO Friendly AIR Freshener

The Red CAR AIR Purifier + ECO Friendly AIR Freshener by Security works when it’s plugged into the cigarette lighter. Aside from air quality improvement, it removes unwanted odors, smoke, and other airborne substances. It’s also a universal USB charger.

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Travanovas Eighth Generation Portable Car Air Ionizer Purifier

The Eighth Generation Portable Car Air Ionizer Purifier by Travanovas has a patented process that uses cutting-edge ionic technology. It can release 4.8m negative ions for every cubic centimeter. Once activated, the blue LED light turns on.

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Car Air Purifier/Ionizer – O-Zone Air

The Car Air Purifier / Ionizer by O-Zone Air absorbs airborne pollutants like smoke, pollen, and dust by 99%. It generates safe ozone to kill harmful viruses and bacteria. It plugs into a conventional cigarette lighter/12V outlet.

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MFEEL Car Air Purifier Freshener

The Car Air Purifier Freshener by MFEEL releases 3.8M negative ions for every cubic centimeter to eliminate pollutants like bacteria, mold, and smoke. It can purify an area up to 12 square feet. It can also be used at home.

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FullPlus Car Air Purifier, Car Air Freshener and Ionic Air Purifier

The Car Air Purifier, Car Air Freshener and Ionic Air Purifier by FullPlus uses the latest anion tech to remove smoke, bacteria, dust, and formaldehyde PM2.5. It relieves car sickness and helps increase concentration. It’s also easy to operate.

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Eco Breeze Car Air Purifier, Ionizer, Air Cleaner

This car air purifier, ionizer, air cleaner by Eco Breeze improves air quality and eliminates dust, pollen, smoke, and odors. It can help relieve asthma, allergic sinusitis, and allergic bronchitis. The electrical charge produces negative ions to improve air quality.

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Earth-Air Car Ionizer Purifier

The Car Ionizer Purifier by Earth-Air instantly eliminates cigarette smoke. The patented air cleaner also safeguards against polluted air, viruses, and allergens. It can be used by business execs, car enthusiasts, travelers, and allergy sufferers.

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ProtoAir Car Air Purifier, Ionizer, Ozone Generator, and Odor Eliminator

The Car Air Purifier, Ionizer, Ozone Generator, and Odor Eliminator by ProtoAir efficiently eliminates unwanted smoke, odors, dust, and pollens. It generates 3.8M PCS/cubic cm negative ions. It can be used by those who are prone to allergies.

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Car Air Purifier and Ionizer by Nova

The Car Air Purifier and Ionizer by Nova effectively eliminates unwanted smoke and smells. It can also refresh and decontaminate the air and can eliminate harmful particles by up to 99%. The blue LED light makes your car interiors stylish.

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How Car Ionizers Work

A car ionizer is a compact unit, which you can plug directly into a cigarette socket. It emits ions to remove allergens and odors in the air.

When a car is tightly sealed, it causes it to get exposed to a host of airborne contaminants. Its built-in temperature control technology does not always filter them.

As such, dust, smoke, pollen, exhaust particles and other common particulates can infect the air inside your vehicle to varying degrees, leaving you and your family susceptible to respiratory problems.

A car ionizer can enhance the quality of air in your car by releasing negative ions. These ions attach themselves to the particulates and remove them from the air.

Aside from cleaning the air in your vehicle, car ionizers can also improve concentration, enhance performance, uplift mood, and prevent fatigue, among other health benefits.

These are also useful in reducing the buildup of static electricity in electronic devices. They come in various types and can power various interior air capacities.

Health Benefits of Using a Negative Ionizer

The negative ions emitted by ionizers produce a relaxing effect and improve your sense of well-being. They remove the debilitating effects of having too much positive ions in the environment.

Negative ionizers can lower blood pressure, relieve tension, normalize breathing rate, and improve mental clarity. They are also useful in treating Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Since your bloodstream can absorb the negative ions, they can help fight free radicals in your body, thus, reducing your risk of serious disorders, such as cancer and heart diseases.

Negative ions improve the function of cilia, a part of the respiratory system that is responsible for protecting the lungs from inflammation and irritation.

According to a research, negative ions help normalize the serotonin levels in the brain. More serotonin means improved mood and focus, and increased levels of energy.

Negative ions also improve the flow of oxygen into the brain. This results to decreased drowsiness, higher mental energy, improved alertness and reduced stress and fatigue.

How to Select a Car Ionizer

Before buying a car ionizer, measure the interior of your car first. Ionizers are available in different sizes to suit different interior air space dimensions.

If you drive a van with 3 or 4 rows of seats, buy a large ionizer, which can affect the entire air space in your vehicle. If you own a coupe with a smaller interior, get the smallest one you can find.

If noise is a concern, pick an ionizer with no built-in fan. Large-size ionizers often work with fans that create a faint hum that may be a nuisance.

Some models of ionizer come with a reservoir wherein you can add fragrances. You can activate that feature by simply switching on the air-freshening function.

However, note that ionizers with air fresheners may work against the way the negative ions stick to particulates. This may reduce the effectiveness of the device.

Also, be suspicious of ‘car anion ionizers’ and ‘ionic air purifiers’ that do not display the amount of negative ions they generate. Some of these may generate more ozone, which is less beneficial than negative ions.

Tips for Using Car Ionizers

If you own a large vehicle, such as an RV or a family van, consider installing another cigarette lighter adapter. The single ionizer up-front may not be enough to treat all the air.

Clean the device regularly to maintain its effectiveness. Over time, residues may clog the ionizer, so pick a model, which offers easy cleaning and maintenance.

Car ionizers typically depend on cigarette lighters for power. If your vehicle doesn’t have a cigarette lighter or if it’s broken, you can buy a power adapter, which runs off standard batteries.

Make sure the ionizer generates negative ions to treat the air, instead of simply generating ozone. While effective in removing odors, ozone cannot reduce airborne particles.

Avoid touching the ion emitter to sensitive portions of electronic equipment, like the connectors or cables on the back of your computer; otherwise, damage may occur.

Avoid using the ionizer near monitors to prolong its cleanliness. Since the positive charge in a monitor attracts negatively charged dust, a negative ionizer placed too close to it may get dustier than normal.

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