Best Bluetooth Car Stereo

Digital audio connectivity is a must in modern-day vehicles. With the best Bluetooth car stereo system, car owners experience digital convenience with hands-free music streaming and speakerphone calling.

Bluetooth car stereo systems can connect to the owner’s mobile phones and devices seamlessly. This enables users to stream music and make or receive calls hands-free. The stereo should also look stylish to add to the car’s aesthetic value.

Bluetooth Car Stereo Reviews

BOSS AUDIO BV9364B Bluetooth Car Stereo

BOSS AUDIO created this double-DIN touchscreen car stereo with Bluetooth Audio Streaming technology for wireless music playback and through apps like Spotify. It comes with steering wheel control input.

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Kenwood KDC-BT365U Single Din Bluetooth Car Stereo

This in-dash car stereo made by Kenwood has Bluetooth capabilities, and dual phone connection capabilities. It can also connect to SIRI with its iPhone control features.

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Pioneer MVH-X380BT Digital Media Receiver with Short Chassis Design and Bluetooth

This digital media receiver has Bluetooth dual phone connection features. It allows for control and access to music via Android devices. It comes with 10-level volume control and timer for adjusting the screen’s brightness.

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LSLYA™HD Bluetooth back car video/stereo

This HD Bluetooth-capable touch screen car stereo is created by LSLYA ™ with a 7-inch TFT touchscreen. It has a digital high-performance tuning and automatic scanning for FM radio.

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BOSS AUDIO BV9986BI Single-Din Touchscreen Receiver

This single DIN touchscreen media receiver has Bluetooth technology that allows for Bluetooth audio streaming through apps like Pandora and Spotify, and from music playlists on smartphones and MP3 players.

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Soundstream VIR-7830B Single-Din Bluetooth Car Stereo

This car stereo from Soundstream comes with a 7-inch flip-out LCD display. It has built-in Bluetooth technology for audio streaming. It has support for A2DP audio streaming, MP3 audio and MP4 video playback.

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Bluetooth Car Stereo Audio

Bestree created this digital single-din, in-dash car stereo with built-in Bluetooth technology for audio streaming. It supports WAV/WMA/MP3 audio formats. It has automatic memory functions for up to 18 broadcast stations.

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Tuff Concepts Car Stereo

Play music from playlists on tablets or smartphones or from FM radio through this in-dash single-din car stereo developed by Tuff Concepts. It is equipped with Bluetooth audio streaming features.

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BlueFire Bluetooth Car Stereo

This car stereo with built-in Bluetooth and microphone is manufactured by BlueFire. It comes with a dynamic, large LCD screen. Bluetooth technology allows for music streaming and hands-free phone calls.

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YINUO 2DIN In-Dash Android 5.1.1 Car Stereo with Bluetooth

This two-din universal in-dash car stereo manufactured by Yinuo has the Android 5.1.1 Lollipop OS. It has Bluetooth technology for playing music and with AM/FM radio with a data system.

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Things to Look for when buying a Bluetooth Car Stereo 

Audio Sources- Are you a traditional CD player person? Or are you into digital music formats? These questions will determine if you’ll need a traditional CD receiver with disc slot or a digital media receiver.

GPS and Navigation – Choose a stereo that can take you anywhere you want. Although Smartphone GPS is better than in-dash system, it is still a good idea to have one in case your phone is unavailable.

Apps and Smartphone Integration – Since you will be connecting your phone to your stereo, be sure to look for products that work well with your phone.

Bluetooth technology – The latest version offers higher quality voice calls since it allots greater bandwidth for those. It also allows a more seamless connectivity.

Physical dimensions – Choose between single DIN or double DIN receiver. Single DIN receivers are less obvious, occupy less space and can fit in a variety of dashboards. Double DIN receivers occupy more space and often have large and touch sensitive displays.

Some units also have handheld remote controls or steering wheel controls. Some have tunable display colors so users can match their display with their car’s interior. 

Cleaning Tips 

  1. Use a dry lint free clot to remove dust and fingerprints. Gently wipe buttons with a microfiber towel. Use a short hair microfiber to avoid snagging. For a more thorough cleaning, moisten your towel with water.
  1. Scrub dirt to remove them. Use brush for switches and any moveable parts to remove dirt. Use cotton swabs to reach areas between buttons.
  1. Avoid dripping water on the interface and on any button. Spraying directly could lead to potential damage. Make sure everything is completely dry by going over them with a dry cloth.
  1. Use Window cleaner and avoid using strong detergents or other cleaning agents. Paint can be removed easily with products that are too harsh. Be very careful.
  1. Refrain from using ordinary household cleaners, rags, and paper towels to clean interface. Instead, use computer screen cleaning product to clean them. Special touch screen wipes are also available commercially.
  1. If your unit has CD player, clean those with cotton swabs. Soak swabs in ethanol and then squeeze them between fingers to remove excess ethanol. Swipe the laser first and allow them to

Advantages’ of Bluetooth Car Stereo 

Car stereo has evolved through the years. You can now enjoy the perks of Bluetooth connectivity with your stereo. It is hassle free, easy to use and easy to install.

Driving is better with Bluetooth because it keeps you connected. It is universal and shareable. As some units supports Siri Eyes Free, driving can’t be lonely if your co driver is Siri.

Hands free speakerphone – Besides streaming for music, you can use your stereo as a hands free speakerphone. Your Bluetooth systems handle your calls so you can take a call while driving.

Hands free texting – Your messages could be read aloud for you through your speaker. Sending and composing a reply is just as easy as speaking aloud.

Audio Streaming – Connect with you music play list thru Bluetooth so you won’t have to wait for your favorite song to play in the radio. Some supports Spotify and Pandora music streaming.

Data Tethering – Tether your phone to your car via Bluetooth to avoid additional radio subscriptions. Bluetooth also enables you to control some apps installed in your smart phone. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an AUX cable and a USB connector? AUX cable transmits background noise and the controls are still on the smartphone. A USB connector doesn’t transmit background noise and allows for receiver based controls.

Can I see the metadata of the songs fro my car system when I play the songs via Bluetooth from my device? The metadata can be shown from the car system if you’re Bluetooth device supports Bluetooth AVRCP v1.3.

How can I connect my iPod? Run a cable from the iPod’s headphone jack to your stereo’s aux input, or using your iPod’s cable and plugging into a USB input.

I can’t see the display when the sun shines on it. Are there displays that are easier to read in direct sunlight? If your unit is inclinable, adjusting the display settings can help.

Can I use Bluetooth to stream music and make phone calls? Absolutely! And you can often do even more, like running and controlling Internet apps.

If I install a new stereo, can I still use my steering wheel controls? You sure can — if you install a special adapter like a Bluetooth kit.

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