Best Wax For Black Cars

Did you know that dark-tinted cars require a type of wax that’s different from the ones normally used for lighter-colored vehicles? If the answer’s no, but you do own a black car, then you should know what the best wax for black cars is today.

The wax itself is often dyed black, so it can effectively conceal visible hairline scratches. It contains special oils that give the black paint a beautiful, shiny, and sharply reflective finish. An ordinary wet rag and polish can leave smudges and wipe marks on the surface, but not this particular wax type. read more

Best Cold Air Intake (System For Cars)

Had it ever happened that the car you were driving suddenly sputtered and broke down in the middle of a busy road, and then proceeded to emit thick smoke? It’s incredibly embarrassing! You can save yourself this ordeal though by installing the best cold air intake (system for cars) ASAP.

This modification improves acceleration and fuel burning efficiency. It reduces the risk of overheating because it utilizes cold air. This system has fewer bends, which means the sound produced by the running engine is less muffled and is rather “macho” sounding. read more

Best Proportional Brake Controller

Not used to automatic transmissions? You will like having the best proportional brake controller better. Older drivers are used to the sensation of pressing hard on the brake, and getting the same amount of inertia from the trailer brakes as a result.

This is the preferred controller for family cars, because the driver gets better control over the intensity and swiftness of the brake. Choose one that perfectly matches the mechanics of your family vehicle.

Proportional Brake Controller Reviews

Hayes 81770

The endeavor digital proportional brake controller is a digital, diagnostic read- out and no level adjustment required. You can easily connect installation that saves time and has a lifetime warranty. read more

Best Polishing Pads (For Auto Detailing)

How a vehicle looks like often speaks a lot about the person who owns it. Isn’t it that you can sometimes tell if a car is owned by a teenager or a seasoned car owner by simply looking at how well it is cleaned? Getting the best polishing pads (for auto detailing) is the first step to creating a good image as a car owner.

Electric polishers with spinning pads usually get the best results, and thus some of the best customer ratings. Make sure the foam is firm enough to actually polish the surface, but not too rough to scratch the paint. read more

Best Car Alarm

Getting your car stolen is the worst nightmare of any car owner. One of the first things to do when you buy a vehicle is to by the best car alarm you can afford.

Splurging for security is a worthy investment. It’s not just to prevent felons from stealing your car, but also to keep you and your passengers safe while sitting inside. Alarm features now range from anti-theft to child passenger security to impact alarms. Choose one that offers the most and best benefits.

Car Alarm Reviews

Viper 350 PLUS

The Viper 350 PLUS is a 3- channel and 1- way security system with keyless entry 4- button remotes. It has a bright blue status LED that warns thieves and has anti- carjacking and panic alarm features. read more

Best Police Scanner

For drivers who don’t have mobile Internet handy, installing the best police scanner can help keep them updated with traffic and road safety news.

Listening in to police patrol exchanges about bad weather, roadside accidents blocking traffic, and on-going pursuits of lawbreakers can be very helpful. There are portable handheld models, but a dashboard mount is better if you don’t plan to use the scanner outside your car.

Police Scanner Reviews

Uniden BCD436HP

This Uniden unit can be set up within minutes. It uses a 4GB micro SD card to store data. Programming does not take much effort. You only need to input your zip code for channels in your area to load. read more

Best Car Window Tint

It is a no-brainer why many drivers prefer having the best car window tint to having none at all. Can you imagine driving in Las Vegas in the dead of summer without tints? You’d be fried!

Tints help moderate a car’s interior temperature and helps block hot, glaring sunlight. Even at night, tints come in hand. The glare from incoming cars’ headlights will be minimized. Your passengers will feel more comfortable knowing their privacy won’t be easily invaded.

Car Window Tint Reviews

LEXEN Tint Kit

This car tint manufactured by Lexen is pre-cut to fit your car window size and make installation easier. The shades come in as dark as 5% and the lightest at 50%. read more

Best OBD2 Scanner

Today’s latest cars are now run by computer programming and undergo diagnostics, just like a computer. If you prefer to do your own car maintenance, and your vehicle is computer programmed, then you must get the best OBD2 scanner.

These scanners are universal, unlike the earlier versions. They can access systems data from cars manufactured as early as 1996. There are two categories to choose from: code readers (simply for reading code) or scan tools (can give troubleshooting help)

OBD2 Scanner Reviews

BAFX Products 34t5

The 34t5 by BAFX Products works with mobiles that run on Android OS and Windows PC. It is compatible with most diagnostic applications to allow you to check the overall health of your vehicle in real-time. read more

Best HID Kit

Isn’t it extremely irritating when an approaching car has intensely bright headlights that you get momentarily blinded? Be a responsible driver and don’t give others the same grief by choosing the best HID kit for your car.

High Intensity Discharge lighting contains a gas capsule instead of filaments at the center of the bulb.  Although it requires 15-30 seconds before it can be turned back on, the waiting time is worth it because it emits an almost natural light. This is also more affordable than LED. read more

Best RC Cars

If there’s one thing that can be said about people who collect the best RC cars, it is that they are very passionate and are usually very knowledgeable, not just about these toys, but about cars in general.

Collectors get a kick out of saying that they have a Ferrari or BMW collection—and they aren’t lying! If you plan to compete in races, make sure to choose the wheels that match the racetrack’s terrain. You can also choose between battery-powered or a nitro/gas combustion engine.

RC Cars reviews

Traxxas Slash 1/10-Scale 2WD

The Slash 2WD is another 1/10 scale RC from Traxxas. This 2WD version is good for bashing and jumping. It uses a 7-cell NiMH battery which allows speed hovering just above 30 mph. read more