Best RC Cars

If there’s one thing that can be said about people who collect the best RC cars, it is that they are very passionate and are usually very knowledgeable, not just about these toys, but about cars in general.

Collectors get a kick out of saying that they have a Ferrari or BMW collection—and they aren’t lying! If you plan to compete in races, make sure to choose the wheels that match the racetrack’s terrain. You can also choose between battery-powered or a nitro/gas combustion engine.

RC Cars reviews

Traxxas Slash 1/10-Scale 2WD

The Slash 2WD is another 1/10 scale RC from Traxxas. This 2WD version is good for bashing and jumping. It uses a 7-cell NiMH battery which allows speed hovering just above 30 mph.

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Team Losi Desert Buggy XL 4WD

This Team Losi Desert Buggy is an RTR RC fit for advanced drivers. It performs well on most terrains and works best in grassy ones. It has excellent jumping capacity with durable build and components.

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Redcat Racing Lightning EPX

The RedCat Racing Lightning EPX is ideal for both new and long-time RC racers who enjoy a great drifting experience. The body is made of lightweight polycarbonate materials. It already has a 2.4GHz Radio included.

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ARRMA AR106001 Typhon 6S

The ARRMA AR106001 Typhon 6S features a 2050kV sensor less motor. It might be small but it is pack with serious power. Its electronic speed control is waterproof and can be easily washed down.

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Traxxas Slash 4X4 1/10 Scale 4WD

The Traxxas Slash 4X4 is a reliable all-around RC car. Its electronic components are all waterproof. The chassis also keeps the car compact. Muddy terrains are easily conquered by its specially-designed tires.

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HPI Racing 110190 Baja 5B

The HPI Racing 110190 Baja 5B is a unique RC with modern and sleek design. It also features a long-travel suspension to race different terrains. It comes with complete ball bearings to improve maintenance.

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Henes Broon F830

The Henes Broon F830 comes with a Tablet PC Smart System for display for your kid. It has a dual motor and three driving modes among other features that make it a perfect miniature version of a real car.

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Axial 1/10 Yeti Rock Racer 4WD

The Axial Yeti Rock Racer has a length of 20” and width measuring12.5”. This makes it larger compared to other 1/10 scale RCs. For its size, it is fast. Its average speed is around 30-32 mph.

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Kyosho Fazer VE Audi R8

The Kyosho Fazer VE Audi R8 is a dependable RC for drifting and bashing. The electronic components are waterproof and it has a brushless power system. This version is factory-licensed by Audi for replication.

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LEGO Track Turbo

The LEGO Track Turbo is ideal for collectors or kids under 13 years old. You can set it up in three different ways. The build is durable enough to withstand racing around the house.

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How to Buy the Best RC Cars in Stores Today

If RC cars look good on video, they’re a lot more awesome when you see them live. You think you’re ready to get one? Check out the guide below.

Types of RC Cars

The first thing you need to know about the best RC cars out there is that there are several types to choose from. Each type is described below:

Electric powered cars: These RC cars are designed for beginners and are powered by batteries. They’re easier to maintain. They are also cheap and so much quieter compared to other types of radio controlled cars.

Gas powered cars: These cars are either powered by purely gas or a combination of gas and oil. Compared to electric types, these are a lot faster and pack more power.

Nitro powered cars: Nitro RC cars are pretty much like their gas powered variants. The difference of course is that they run on nitro fuel or nitro methane.

How to Choose the Best RC Cars

Now that you know the basic types of RC cars, you need to decide which one you want to work with. If you’re a beginner then an electric one will be a good option.

Electric RCs are easier to maintain and some are built ready to go right out of the box. These cars are fast and some can even go toe to toe with nitro or gas RCs.

They’re not as powerful as other types but they can get a lot of instant torque. They are quiet so you don’t have to worry about your neighbors complaining.

Gas and nitro RC cars are messier. You need to load up some gas and they’re usually pretty heavy. You also need to watch out for spills and such.

However, nitro RCs and gas RCs are definitely more powerful. Remember that you need to break them in and they require regular tune ups like a real car – only smaller.

Next, you should consider your budget. If you’re a beginner and you don’t have cash to burn then get an electric. If money is no object and you’re willing to get down and dirty with it then get a gas type RC car.

After that, you need to prepare your track – dirt or concrete it’s all up to you. Finally you should look for car upgrades and prepare to shop for maintenance parts.

FAQs About RC Cars

What are the best RC car brands? There are plenty to choose from. The best sellers of today are Traxxas, XTM, HPI, Exceed, and of course Tamiya.

Do I get a buggy, truck, or car? If you want speed then get a car class. If you want some off-road fun then get a truck. If you want a mix of both classes, then get a buggy.

What size of car should I get? There are various sizes: 1/5th, 1/8th, 1/10th, 1/16th and others. The smaller ones (i.e. 1/16th etc.) won’t have a lot of upgrade options.

What upgrades are available? If you buy a bigger model, then look to upgrade the engine. If you’re using an electric then look for better batteries. Other upgrades include better plastic parts, glow plugs, starter box, and performance enhancements.

What types of truck classes are there? Monster trucks are built waterproof and good for mudding. Short course trucks are better for racing and are more durable. Stadium trucks are a mix between trucks and buggies and are more stable.


Nitro RC cars require more maintenance and prep time. Beginners may have trouble tuning them up too. For both nitro and gas types, you need to learn how to adjust the fuel and air mixture. Electric cars are plug-and-play and all you need are a couple of battery packs for maintenance.

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