Best Police Scanner

For drivers who don’t have mobile Internet handy, installing the best police scanner can help keep them updated with traffic and road safety news.

Listening in to police patrol exchanges about bad weather, roadside accidents blocking traffic, and on-going pursuits of lawbreakers can be very helpful. There are portable handheld models, but a dashboard mount is better if you don’t plan to use the scanner outside your car.

Police Scanner Reviews

Uniden BCD436HP

This Uniden unit can be set up within minutes. It uses a 4GB micro SD card to store data. Programming does not take much effort. You only need to input your zip code for channels in your area to load.

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Whistler WS1065

This police scanner from Whistler provides even beginners an easy set up with its One Touch Programming. It also has good sensitivity with frequency range going between 29 MHz – 1.3 GHz.

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Uniden BC75XLT

This Uniden model is compact, easy to use and secure. The keypad can be locked when not in use. It has a capacity of 300 channels and is Narrowband-ready.

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Escort Max 360

Escort offers a radar detector that allows you to preload the locations of various speed cameras and red lights in the US and Canada. It also conveniently displays vehicle speed and signal quality data.

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Cobra XRS9470

This Cobra detector features both the Voice Alert and Safety Alert components. Voice Alert announces any signal detection for safe driving. Safety Alert gives helpful warnings when there are road hazards or emergency vehicles coming your way.

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Whistler XTR-145

The Whistler XTR-145 unit has its trademarked 360 degrees Maxx Coverage. It has a built-in display and can detect multiple kinds of signals for better efficiency.

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Uniden BCD396XT

This Uniden model is pack with a large memory capacity of 15,000 channels. It also automatically detects the system based on your real-time location using GPS receivers.

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RadioShack PRO-651

RadioShack has improved the PRO-651. Programming might take some effort due to the steep learning curve. It has an acceptable rubber antenna but you can upgrade to a better antenna, if necessary.

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Valentine One Radar Detector

This product from Valentine One boasts two radar receptors to improve detection and provide early warning. It is more efficient as it points to the direction where the signal is detected.

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Baofeng UV5RA Ham Two Way Radio

This mostly metal radio is one of Baofeng’s products in the UV-5R series. Sound quality is acceptable for its market value but has a bit of your voice echoing in the background.

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Your Guide to Buying the Best Police Scanner

A police scanner is an excellent communication device that allows people to listen to multiple wireless radio conversations. The best police scanner is a great investment, especially for many radio enthusiasts.

Police scanners are comparable to a radio receiver in the sense that they scan various frequencies and locate transmission as they happen. It is important to note that this device is only a one-way receiver that monitors two-way radio traffic.

People who want to know what is happening within their community are buying police scanners. Volunteers, off-duty fire fighters, police officers and many other professionals are using scanners to be updated of the events happening locally.

News agencies are using police scanners to know of any interesting events and activities that need to be reported. This device is undoubtedly gaining much popularity among many people in various fields.

Police scanners operate independently. These valuable devices can pick up channels that are used for communication between various emergency responders. This allows people to be aware of any emergency issues in their area.

Many people are now buying the best police scanner for themselves over listening to a police scanner online. This offers various advantages such as the following listed below.

Reasons to Buy the Best Police Scanner

  • Police scanners allow users to limit or expand the types and the number of communication traffic, as well as the geographic area they want to monitor.
  • Buying a police scanner allows users to listen to communications between the emergency personnel and dispatchers. This may include up-to-date information on traffic accidents, fires, domestic disputes, local crime and other situations that would need rescue operations or police interventions.
  • A police scanner monitors a wide range of frequency, which includes an older analog transmission. It picks up different traffic, providing a wider range of information.
  • In many cases, it is legal to monitor an actual police scanner at home whereas it can be illegal to listen to a scanner online. This is especially true when monitoring on a smart phone.
  • It is possible for anyone to choose a more flexible option by choosing a hand held design or mobile scanner. This allows users to enjoy the flexibility of monitoring wherever they go.
  • With the various range of police scanners available in the market, you can now have different police scanner options. It allows users to enjoy various features, functions and settings.

Features of the Best Police Scanner

Police scanners differ from each other. Here are some important criteria and features you should consider to ensure that you get the best police scanner that will meet your need.

Channels – this determines the number of systems and agencies you are able to monitor. A greater number of channels allow you to monitor new agencies without having to reprogram your radio.

Search Mode – this lets you search for various radio systems on an unknown or new channel or frequency. Different types of search modes are now available to help you enjoy various search options.

Sensitivity – this is the signal strength measure needed to hear stations. The level of sensitivity of a police scanner is crucial, especially in rural areas. It is also essential in listening to transmissions with weak signals.

Computer Control – many police scanners these days have an ability to have radio frequencies downloaded to them. They also allow a computer to operate the functions of the police scanner.

Design – when buying a police scanner, you need to decide between a handheld and a mobile/base design police scanner. The channel number, frequency coverage and some other features found on handheld and base scanners are typically the same.

How to Troubleshoot your Police Scanner

Just like any other electronic equipment, understanding the problem is the first step to troubleshoot your police scanner. Look at the symptoms of the problem. This will allow you to eliminate possibilities, which leaves you only a few troubleshooting possibilities.

Determine the problem and identify the corrective action to be taken. In some cases, you may need to take the device to the repair shop but other problems can actually be solved by the owner.

Before you assume that there is an issue with your scanner, verify first that it is not caused by outside influence such as your location. Sometimes, police scanners may just pick up a transmission on wrong frequencies.

If you have a battery-powered police scanner, make sure that the battery is at its best condition. Fix the battery problem as soon as possible before further issues arise.

Users may notice that their police scanner is not accepting all frequencies. This will then move to another frequency automatically other than the one that it is tuned to. This is not a cause for alarm.

Buying the best police scanner is a wonderful investment. Look for the right features and functions that suit your requirement. Knowing how to troubleshoot your device will also work to your advantage.

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