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Isn’t it extremely irritating when an approaching car has intensely bright headlights that you get momentarily blinded? Be a responsible driver and don’t give others the same grief by choosing the best HID kit for your car.

High Intensity Discharge lighting contains a gas capsule instead of filaments at the center of the bulb.  Although it requires 15-30 seconds before it can be turned back on, the waiting time is worth it because it emits an almost natural light. This is also more affordable than LED.

HID Kit Reviews

Kensun HID Xenon

The Kensun HID Xenon is fully shockproof, waterproof and weather-proof. You can select from a wide array of color choices and fits all sizes. It is easy to install on most vehicles and customer support is available.

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HID Xenon DC Headlight by SDX

The HID bulbs manufactured by SDX are of good quality. The super white 5000K HID headlight is available, among other options. They are also built to counter water, shock and extreme weather.

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OPT7 Bolt AC 55w

The OPT7 Bolt AC 55w HID Kit effectively reduces flickering using non cycling technology.  The illumination is very bright but does not produce glare. It also offers a variety of color options.

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Innovited AC 55W

This HID Xenon Conversion by Innovited aims to enhance visibility when driving at night by expanding illumination to up to half a mile away. The kit comes with a gasket to protect the HID bulbs from damaging elements.

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Apex HID Xenon

The HID Xenon Conversion Kit by Apex prides in providing smooth installation by eliminating splicing and cutting. The package includes the ballasts, two HID bulbs, and relay harness.

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This HID kit from AFTERPARTZ offers the elimination of flickering when ballasts temperature change. It is not ideal as a high beam light but can provide bright lighting, which is 40% brighter than 35W HID running on direct current.

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XENTEC Digital Ballast

Xentec’s HID kit offers a multitude of colors to select from. The HID bulbs are also easy to install as it fits all types of vehicles. It usually runs for about 200 days while producing brightness at 3,500 lumens.

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Safego H7

The H7 HID kit by Safego uses AC ballast to produce flicker-free bright illumination to make night time driving safer. It involves a quick plug and play set up.

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XtremeVision 35W HID Xenon

XtremeVision’s HID kit provides easy initial set up and can fit in different types of vehicles. Color variety is not as much as its competitors. Materials and build are durable, shockproof and waterproof.

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Starnill One Pair 35W

Starnill’s HID kit includes accessories and quality components to make set up less difficult. Its Blitz Series Ballast is of quality make and the HID bulbs have seals for dust protection.

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Best HID Kit: A Buyer’s Guide

So you’re looking for the best HID kit. High intensity discharge lights are becoming more popular these days. You can find them on SUVs, sedans, and every kind of car out there.

Types of HID Kits

There are basically two types of HID kits to choose from. You can either get a Hi/Lo Kit or a Bi-Xenon kit. Here are the differences between these two types:

Hi/Lo Conversion Kit: The high beam for this kit remains as a halogen. However, it converts the low beam to HID. They’re best suited for everyday driving, since most car owners mainly use just low beam.

Bi-Xenon Conversion Kit: This type of HID kit converts both the low beam and the high beam of your car to HID. The upward shift to a high beam creates better visibility.

How to Choose the Best HID Kit

There are several factors you need to consider when choosing the best HID kit for your vehicle. You need to consider the bulb type, color, and its compatibility with your vehicle.

First consider the bulb type. Different cars have different types of headlights. Popular bulbs include H1, H4, and H7 among others. Find out the bulbs that are outfitted on your car and find the matching HID kit for those bulbs.

You should also choose the type of color of light you want to have on your car’s beams. Your options include factory white, golden yellow, icy blue, intense white, and deep blue light.

Finally, you should consider which HID kit is most compatible with your car. Most of the old cars are a good fit with the best HID kit sets out there due to their rather basic lighting systems.

Newer cars, specifically those manufactured from 2003 onwards, have more complex lightings systems. That means the basic HID kits which are easier to install won’t be a good match for them.

You need to get advanced HID conversion kits for vehicles with high end electronics systems. If your car is equipped with anti-braking systems, traction control, and other advanced features, then you need to hire a technician to install the HID system for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about HID Conversion Kits

What light colors are available?Golden yellow (3000k) makes a rather eye catching deep yellow. The basic OEM is factory white (5000k). Other options include intense white (6000k), icy blue (8000k) for styling, and deep blue (10000k).

What light color should I choose? Yellow kits are best used as fog lights. The other color HID kits are best used for other driving purposes.

What’s in the package when I order my HID kit?You will usually get 2 bulbs. Along with that you will also get a pair of ballasts, wires, plugs, and the installation instructions.

What are the types of ballasts available? There are two types of ballasts depending on their wattage. Wattages include 35w (standard) and the 55w (30% to 40% more brightness). There are slim ballasts and standard size ballasts.

What’s the difference between a 35w and a 55w kit? A 35w kit uses 35w of power for HID lighting. Obviously, 55w kits produce more light. All bulbs are pretty much the same size but ballast sizes will be different per kit.

How to HID Kits Work?

HID lights last longer than halogen types of lighting systems. These lights even last longer than the light bulbs that you normally use in your house.

Halogen bulbs are filled with halogen gases. On the other hand, HID headlights are outfitted with tubes that are filled with a variety of gases.

These gases in HID headlights react in order to produce an arc which then produces more light. That means these lights do not use filaments that degrade over time, which explains why these bulbs last longer.

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