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Getting your car stolen is the worst nightmare of any car owner. One of the first things to do when you buy a vehicle is to by the best car alarm you can afford.

Splurging for security is a worthy investment. It’s not just to prevent felons from stealing your car, but also to keep you and your passengers safe while sitting inside. Alarm features now range from anti-theft to child passenger security to impact alarms. Choose one that offers the most and best benefits.

Car Alarm Reviews

Viper 350 PLUS

The Viper 350 PLUS is a 3- channel and 1- way security system with keyless entry 4- button remotes. It has a bright blue status LED that warns thieves and has anti- carjacking and panic alarm features.

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Avital 3100LX

The Avital 3100LX 3- channel is a three channel security and keyless entry system. It also has a parking light flash and a bright red LED status indicator.

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Crimestopper SP-101 Deluxe

The Crimestopper SP- 101 Deluxe Alarm includes two 4- button remote transmitters and has an emergency override or disarm feature that allows to open door and override alarm if transmitter is lost.

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Yescom Vehicle Security Paging Car Alarm

The Vehicle Security Paging Car Alarm has a door/ hood/ trunks sensors with automatic window rolling- up. It has a long range remote start with gear position checking and ranges over 3000 feet two- way FSK communication range.

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2013 Viper 1-way Car Alarm Security System

The 2013 Viper 1- way Car Alarm Security System is Clone-safe and Code-Hopping with parking light flash. It includes two 4- button transmitters and comfort closure that automatically closes windows on some vehicles.

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Gravity Car Alarm & Keyless Entry system

The Gravity Car Alarm has an internal shock sensor, a valet mode with button. It also has a build- in parking light relay and a build- in shock sensor.

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InstallGear Car Alarm Security & Keyless Entry System

The InstallGear Car Alarm Security has a trunk top with 4- button remotes. It has a keyless entry system and a LED indicator light. You can set the remote to work with car’s door lock.

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Sunnytech® 1pc Solar Car Burglar Alarm

The Solar Car Burglar Alarm has an automatic charge mode that automatically charge during the day and will automatically control the lights after dark. It also has a built- in automatic light that automatically stops during the day.

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The audiovox prestige has a 500 feet range with updated transmitters and three channel receivers. It has the latest safest technology that protects your vehicle and features intrusion alert with memory, dual stage shock sensor and parking light flasher.

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Bulldog Security Alarm

The Bulldog Security alarm with two wire hook up has one 4- button remote transmitter with remote car finder. Its antenna ranges up to 250 feet and has an on board shock sensor with built- in current sensor.

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Differences among Types of Best Car Alarm

Different people have different requirements when choosing a product. Therefore, one should choose the product that will fit those requirements and will work best for them.

  1. Passive Car Alarms –based on automatic activation. A passive car alarm sets itself once the ignition is turned off and the last door is closed. 
  1. Active Car Alarms –requires manual arming and disarming.The user will need to press the transmitter button to activate or deactivate the alarm.
  1. Global Positioning System Car Alarms –uses GPS tracking systems. This monitors the location of the vehicle and will notify its owner once the car is moved.
  1. Two-Way Paging Car Alarms–provides two-way communication. The owner will receive instant alerts when the alarm goes off for any reason or a break in occurs.
  1. Silent Car Alarms –sends a noiseless message to its owner. Unlike the usual car alarms, it does not create loud, repetitive noises when triggered.

Choosing the Best Car Alarm

The main reason why car owners purchase car alarms is to protect their vehicles from theft. To do that, certain factors must put into consideration.

  • Compatibility – There are car alarms that do not work with specific vehicles so it would be best to identify first what type of vehicle you have.
  • Budget Friendly –If price is one of the deciding factors, it pays to do research. It would help to browse online then compare which product best fits the budget.
  • Recognizable Brand – Most drivers look for something affordable, but that doesn’t mean that we’ll sacrifice its quality. Choosing a well-known brand ensures a good quality alarm system.
  • Immobilizing Feature – This anti-theft feature will save your car from being stolen because even if someone has disabled the car’s alarm, the car will not start.
  • Asking Drivers– The easiest way in knowing whether a product is worth buying is to ask those who has already used it. Ask for tips.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Best Car Alarms

What sets off car alarms?It depends on the type of alarm installed but the most common reason is when it detects shock or vibration.

Why buy an alarm system for your car if you got insurance? Even if your car is insured, you will still have to deal with hassles and delays when your car gets stolen. So it will be much better not to have it stolen in the first place.

Will I get a discount from my insurance company if I get a car alarm? Yes. Most insurance companies offer discounts for having car alarms as it prevents theft.

Why should I buy from a known brand manufacturer? Buying from reputable brand manufacturers will guarantee you of high quality products and after sales service.

Can I install a car alarm myself? Yes. Newly bought car alarms include installation manuals but if you want to assure it’s done correctly, let a professional do it.

Would installing an alarm system void the vehicle’s warranty? It would be best to consult first with your dealer, but in most cases, alarm systems do not void the warranty as long as the installation doesn’t affect the normal operation of the vehicle.

Perks of Having the Best Car Alarm

Crimes may occur when you least expect it. For this reason, car owners are equipping their vehicles with car alarms to protect themselves against theft.

Clearly, car thieves prefer easy targets that’s why when they realize that the car they are trying to enter has a car alarm installed, most likely, they’ll leave.

The likelihood of getting your car damaged or vandalized is also reduced. This gives you the assurance that your car and your belongings inside will be secured.

Installing a car alarm means that you keep your car in good condition. With this, you could claim for a reduction in your auto insurance premium.

In case you are thinking of selling your car, an alarm system will be a great additional accessory which will increase your car’s resale value.

Among all these, the most beneficial advantage it provides will be the feeling of assurance. You will be assured that your car will be protected when you leave it.

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